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PC - Remote Desktop Multi Screens
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To use your local multi screens for a remote desktop session:
  1. Run the traditional Remote Desktop application on your local PC, or if you have it saved as a file (not a shortcut, then Right-click on the Remote Desktop Connection and select Edit
    1. Click on Show Options
    2. image
    3. Select the Display tab
    4. Tick the box "Use all my monitors for the remote session"
    5. image
    6. Go back to the General tab
    7. Click on Save to retain the setting.
    8. Once connected to the remote desktop:
    9. Connect to the Remote Desktop
    10. Right click on the Desktop screen of the remote PC and select Screen resolution or Display settings (depending upon the screen you are connecting to:
    11. imageimage
    12. The multi-screen layout of the remote desktop window will reflect the display set up of your local PC.
    13. You can confirm this in the remote PC's Screen resolution (LH image) or Display Settings (RH image):
    14. imageimage
    15. If you don't see the remote desktop on both screens when they are side-by-side, drag/stretch the Remote Desktop Connection window on your local PC across your two screens:
    16. image

    2. To only use 2 out of 3 local screens for a remote desktop session:
        we need to edit the text file that holds the Remote Desktop connection properties:
        a. Right-click on the Remote Desktop file itself
        b. Select "Open With" > "Choose another app" > "More Apps" and select "Notepad" from              the list of Apps.
              .i NOTE: ensure the box "Always open this app to open .rdp files" is NOT ticked
        c. Insert the following text after the line that says "use multimon:i:1":
             .i   The numbers in the above line relate to the monitors you want to use to display the                 remote desktop, and the left-to-right order in which they do so.
             .ii  So your configuration may be 2,1 or 2,3 etc.
             .iii To find out which monitors you can select:
                     Press WindowsLogoKey + R
                     Type: mstsc /l in the Run box
                     Click "OK"
                     You will be presented with a list of monitors you can use for RDP sessions:
      d. Save the Notepad .rdp file.

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