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Email: Use MS 365 Online Archive feature (if enabled)
Last Updated 3 years ago

Once enabled, the Online Archive has additional capacity for you to store Outlook items, up to the same capacity as your current Mailbox.
  1. This is shown as an additional mailbox at the bottom of your left-hand Outlook folder pane "Online Archive - {your mailbox name}"
    1. This is NOT the folder called "Archive" in your main mailbox.
  2. You can create Inbox and Sent Items folders (or any others that you need) under this and move emails from your main Mailbox to it by drag and drop, or using the Move command in the Outlook ribbon menu.
  3. You can also set up Outlook Rules to move older emails to the Online Archive.
    1. An example for the current Inbox to Online Archive Inbox is below.
    2. Periodically, you can edit the date in the rule and then re-run it.
  4. image

For some other clean up:

Deleted Items and Junk folder items count towards your mailbox total, so you should clear these out periodically.

You can also clear any "Sync Issues" items:
  1. Switch to "Folders" view:
  2. image
  3. Find the Sync Issues folder and permanently delete items in the folder and subfolders
    1. Hold down the Shift key, right click on the folder and choose "Delete all" and acknowledge the warning.
  4. image

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