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Network - Security: Switch the network connection between Public and Private - Windows 10
Last Updated 6 years ago

When connected to networks that are not controlled by you or your organization, it is more secure to designate such connections as Public, which enables more secure firewall settings so other devices on the network can't access your device. This also means that your device probably won't be able to find other devices on the network, such as printers.

Your home and office networks, however, ares usually set to Private so you can access shared resources on them.

To change between Public and Private for a given network:

  1. Connect to the network in question
  2. Click on Windows Start button
  3. Click on the Settings cogwheel just above the Start button.
  4. Click on Network & Internet
  5. On the Status screen, click on Change connection properties
  6. Select Private or Public as desired
  7. Close the Settings window.

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