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Email - Non-Outlook App: Add an Office365 Shared Mailbox to non-Outlook clients as iMAP
Last Updated 3 years ago

Shared Mailboxes in Office 356 don't come with usernames and passwords for access like an ordinary mailbox, and automatically appear in Outlook for users who are delegated members of that Shared Mailbox. However, as long as the access settings, such as iMAP, are enabled in Exchange Control Panel, any user who is a Delegated member of the Shared Mailbox will be able to add access without using the Outlook client.

Example: you are a Shared mailbox Delegate for access to a Shared mailbox called

Add new email account, account type iMAP and use the following account settings:
EMAIL ADDRESS: email address of the shared mailbox (example:

  • PORT: 993
  • ENCRYPTION: TLS (or try SSL if TLS not available)
  • USERNAME: your email address then a backslash ( \ ) followed by the name of mailbox:
    • example:\account
  • PASSWORD: your own Office 365 password


  • PORT: 587
  • ENCRYPTION: STARTTLS (or try SSL if STARTTLS not available)
  • USERNAME: your own email address
  • PASSWORD: your own Office 365 password.

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