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Email: "Missing" email in Outlook 2016 and Focused Inbox
Last Updated 4 years ago

Log in to Outlook on line - - and check to see if the emails are appearing in the Outlook Web Access version in case it is a problem with synchronisation between on-line and local Outlook.

Places to check:

  • Junk folder
  • Spam Folder (sometimes created by anti-virus products)
  • Clutter folder
  • Unwanted folder

One can also click on Folder >> View on Server Online View in the Outlook ribbon (depends upon Outlook version & feature updates):


There is a Focused" and "Other" Inbox feature that may be active on some versions of Outlook (local and on-line) that may split where emails are displayed. This is Outlook trying to be helpful but can cause confusion and can be turned off:


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