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PC is running slowly
Last Updated 3 years ago

If your PC is running slowly, here are a few things you can do/check.

  1. Save all your work and close any Apps open on your Taskbar
  2. You can try a clean re-start of your device:
    1. Start > Power > Restart:
    2. image
  3. Clear out any temporary items using "Storage Sense":
    1. Start > Settings > System > Storage
    2. Select "Configure Storage Sense or run it now"
      1. image
    3. Configure as appropriate and click on "Clean now"
      1. image
  4. Windows Updates:
    1. Check if any Windows updates are pending or waiting for a restart:
      1. Start > Settings > Update & Security (at the bottom of the Settings Page)
  5. Windows App Updates:
    1. Check if any other Windows Apps are waiting to update:
      1. Start > type Store > Select Windows Store from the results
      2. You do not need to sign-in to Windows Store if prompted
        1. Look for a download icon and number near the RH top corner
        2. Or click on the ellipsis menu (...) and select "Downloads and Updates"
      3. image
      4. Select "Get updates"
  6. 3rd Party Software Updates:
    1. Check the Notifications, visible and hidden icons in the Tasktray to see if any 3rd party applications are waiting to update:
    2. image
  7. Check Processes consuming resources:
    1. Right-click on the Taskbar and choose "Task Manager"
    2. image
    3. If you don't see headings such as "Processes", "Performance", etc., then Click on "More Details" at the bottom:
    4. image
    5. In the Processes tab, click on a heading to order the column to bring the most resource-consuming process to the top:
    6. image
    7. This will help you identify if there any processes mis-behaving.

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